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Providing Urgently Needed Dental Work

When your smile seems healthy, you can wait for your next semiannual dental exam without issue. However, when a potentially serious problem arises, it will be important for you to schedule care with your dentist as soon as possible. Letting an active problem with a dental injury or significant tooth pain go unaddressed can have… Read more »

Dental Bonding Offers Strategic Smile Fixes

When you have dental flaws, even small ones, it can be hard not to fixate on them. Unfortunately, even minor issues can jump out at us, as few features are as prominent as your smile. Trouble with teeth that are worn and misshapen, off-color, damaged, or the wrong size can draw negative attention on their… Read more »

Harm Done By Nightly Teeth Grinding

When you fully protect your smile, you take care to prevent more than just cavities from affecting your enamel. You should look out for any warnings that suggest your oral health is at risk. Sometimes, those warnings occur when you first wake up, as you can feel the lingering effects of bruxism. This condition is… Read more »

Advantages To Care With Composite Fillings

There are different answers to the question of how a cavity should be treated, as there are different degrees of harm that need to be addressed, and also because there are different restorations that can be used to protect teeth after they are treated. At our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, we provide care with… Read more »

Tips For Preventing Dental Problems

Simply put, you can have an easier time feeling confident in the health of your smile when you receive positive feedback during dental checkups. What can you do to ensure that you receive good news during your next oral health exam and the ones that follow? One matter to keep in mind is that these… Read more »

Discreet Restorations For Tooth Decay

There are different solutions that we can provide when patients come to us with oral health concerns. It can be a relief to learn that the options for care available to you when you have a cavity can preserve your smile. Your Moreno Valley, CA dental practice can provide fillings and crowns for vulnerable teeth… Read more »

Resolving An Urgent Dental Issue

Oral health issues can sometimes go undetected until they progress in severity. When you keep up with regular dental checkups, they can be spotted and receive convenient treatment before they have the opportunity to worsen. Of course, there are also issues that can seem to arise suddenly and demand an appointment for dental work as… Read more »

Long-Term Fixes For Chipped Teeth

Once your tooth is chipped, you can find yourself incapable of showing off a truly confident smile. Even a small injury can significantly affect the way you look, and it can also become a potential problem for your oral health. At our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, we can offer long-term solutions for physical injuries… Read more »

Securing Teeth Whitening Services

If you want to do something about the color of your smile, should you say something to your dentist or turn to a store bought whitening kit? There are results you can see from treatment, but you can feel bothered by the lack of overall improvements and frustrated by continued embarrassment over discoloration. Our Moreno… Read more »

When To Worry About Gingivitis

Can you tell if your smile is healthy just by examining it in the mirror? When it comes to problems with dental decay, you can fail to realize that something is wrong until the discomfort of a more advanced cavity becomes a matter for concern. This is part of why regular dental exams are beneficial,… Read more »