at Dental Associates of Corona will explain more details about root canal therapy.

What is a Root Canal?

Who needs root canal therapy? In mild cases of tooth decay that only affect a small surface portion of any given tooth, a dental filling will generally do the restorative trick. However, not everyone makes it to the dentist every six months (though we wish you would). When cavities grow and fester and damage more surface area of your tooth, bacteria can travel into your dental pulp where your nerves are housed. Root canal procedures halt infection, remove all bacteria, and sanitize the area. Root canals can also be exposed to bacteria as a result of trauma. Cracked and fractured teeth often require root canal therapy.

Side Effects from Ignoring Dental Needs

Symptoms that might make you think that a root canal procedure could be in your future would include pain and pressure while you chew, inflammation and tenderness of the gums, and teeth sensitivity when you expose your teeth to extreme temperatures. When the tooth’s pulp is damaged or exposed to infection, bacteria can swiftly multiply within the chamber. This infection must be removed or it can lead to an abscessed tooth. Abscesses are very uncomfortable (generally downright painful) infections which can result in tooth loss.

Root Canal Therapy from Corona Dentists

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