Gum tissues are a large part of the anatomy of your mouth. However, you may not give your gums much thought as long as they’re properly doing their job. Look in the mirror the next time you get a chance, and flash yourself a wide grin. Do you see how your gums literally frame your smile? Picture the look of your mouth without them.

Beyond aesthetics, gingival tissues (when healthy) protect your teeth from the thousands of bacterial strains that take up residence inside your mouth. Gum disease is a prevalent dental health issue, afflicting as much as 80% of the American population. Good oral self-care and regular dental visits can ensure the good health of your gingival tissues. Read today’s blog from your  at Riverside Dental Group to learn more about the importance of keeping your gums healthy.

Getting to Know Your Gums

Healthy gums form a tight seal to keep the dental pulp (including roots) of your teeth quarantined from bacterial exposure.  Run your tongue along the lining of your inner lips or insides of your cheeks and you’ll feel soft, pliant tissues. Your actual gums attach to the bone that is underneath them, so you’ll naturally feel more resistance and structure. When your mouth tissues are in great shape, they should have a sort of pink coral hue. You should get to know your gums when they’re still healthy. This way, if a problem does occur, you’ll recognize the red flags of things like color changes, inflammation, bleeding, or any abnormalities.

Attaining Healthy Gums

So how are you supposed to ensure healthy gums? Start by flossing at least once a day, before you brush. Most people that do floss (and there are many that don’t, against better judgment) have learned from early on to floss after brushing. You have a better chance of flushing out all of those hidden food particles and bacteria if you floss first. Make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice-a-day. Don’t forget to visit your dentist every six months for a cleaning, x-rays, and exams. Gingivitis (early gum disease) is very treatable when caught early.

Visit Your Riverside General Dentist

Keep your gums healthy by following through with dental checkups. To schedule a consultation with your Riverside General dentist for any of your dental needs, contact our 92504 dentist office today by calling (951) 273-9580. We offer preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry to ensure optimum oral health, and we welcome patients from Riverside and surrounding communities.