Without toothpaste, your oral hygiene endeavors wouldn’t be nearly as successful at keeping tooth decay at bay. Toothpaste is an essential element in the best oral health possible. However, if you have cosmetic dental work, you have to be careful of the abrasiveness of the toothpaste you choose.  Your Riverside dentists at Riverside Dental Group will explain why you might want to be especially leery of whitening toothpastes.

Figuring Out the Right Toothpaste for You

There are over 100 choices in the average aisle of a supermarket. With all of the bells and whistles of the various tubes before you, how can you know which one is the right one to clean your teeth without harming them? If you have spent the time and money to procure a procedure such as dental bonding, porcelain veneers, or tooth colored fillings and crowns, it’s no wonder that you might be concerned with keeping your dental work white and bright. Will a whitening toothpaste do the trick?

How Abrasive is your Toothpaste

The Hefferren abrasivity test is given by the American Dental Association (ADA). Designed to measure the abrasiveness of toothpastes before they hit the market, the test is rather complex. Extracted teeth are exposed to a barrage of neutrons which labels them with radioactive phosphorous.  This creates a natural by-product called a slurry. The slurry’s radiation levels are measurable, giving an accurate gauge of the potential damage that could ensue from any given toothpaste. Any porcelain, composite resin, or even your natural tooth enamel can be damaged by a toothpaste that is off-the-charts in abrasiveness. Sometimes whitening toothpastes measure higher than average on the scale.

Schedule a Whitening Appointment with Your Riverside Dentists

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