at Riverside Dental Group, would like to challenge you to a quiz on the bacteria in your mouth.


Q1. True or false – Germs cause cavities.

Q2. True or false – Plaque contributes to periodontal disease.

Q3. True or false – Tooth decay is the leading cause of tooth loss in America.


A1. TRUE – The name of the bacteria that create acid when they consume sugar is Streptococcus mutans. They like to mix it up with their own acid and food debris in your mouth to create a sticky biofilm called plaque. Dental plaque can stick to your teeth and quickly harden into tartar. Releasing toxins onto your teeth, your enamel becomes demineralized and your teeth can start to decay.

A2. TRUE – Porphyromonas gingivalis is the name of the bacteria responsible for breeding gum disease. Plaque begins to harden into tartar after about 48 hours if it isn’t brushed away with good oral hygiene. As this accumulation occurs at the gumline, your gum tissues can become very irritated, inflamed, and infected. Your immune system responds and you end up with periodontal disease. Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in America.

A3. FALSE – Periodontal disease is actually the leading cause of tooth loss in American adults.  Gum recession and periodontal pockets develop as gum disease advances. This can lead to loose teeth, tooth abscesses, and tooth loss.

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