at Riverside Dental Group would like to tell you about some laser types that are likely to be seen in dental offices across the United States.

Prevention as Early as Possible

Tooth decay creates cavities in your tooth that must be caught and treated early enough, or else they’ll end up infecting your roots.  Root canal procedures are not nearly as uncomfortable as they are stereotyped to be, but we always want to aim for the least invasive procedures possible for our patients. Traditional x-rays and dental exams can catch cavities when they’ve reached a certain point, but DIAGNOdent and Spectra lasers detect very early tooth decay, also known as demineralization. When caught extremely early, it can even be possible to reverse cavities, making this technology an innovative tool for dentists.

Versatile Lasers for a Variety of Treatments

Waterlase and Powerlase lasers can be great additions in preventive dentistry for patients of all ages.  Lasers such as these eliminate the familiar (and sometimes upsetting) sounds, vibrations, and/or heat that patients are used to with traditional drilling and filling methods of restoration. Waterlase combines lasers with water to provide a pleasant cooling sensation during treatment. Both of these lasers are great for treating gum disease. One of the best parts of dental procedures that use lasers is that the heat and power of the instruments create tissue closure, eliminating the need for sutures.

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