at the Oasis Family Dental offer the specialty of oral surgery in their dental practice. Common oral surgeries include removal of wisdom teeth, biopsies to remove suspicious spots, tumors, or cysts, surgery to help with TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) tooth extraction, and frenectomies. To learn more, read today’s blog on some specifics of oral surgery.

Sedation for Oral Surgery

Many dental procedures might include local anesthesia or nitrous oxide (commonly referred to as laughing gas) particularly if you are an anxious patient. With surgery, naturally there needs to be some form of anesthesia or sedation. We have an on-site anesthesiologist to administer safe but strong sedation to our patients, when needed. In addition to complete IV sedation, there is also something called oral conscious sedation which creates an extremely relaxed state while you’re still technically awake. Even though you are conscious, you are unlikely to care about or remember much.

Lingual and Maxillary Frenectomies

We mentioned frenectomies above. While the other oral surgeries we listed probably sound familiar, you may not know as much about this form of oral surgery. Your frenums are attachments of tissues with muscle. You can take stock of the two in your mouth as you read this. The flap of skin underneath your tongue, and the one between your inner lip and upper front teeth can be too big, thick, or poorly placed. This can lead to an obstruction of normal function which causes dental issues such as a “tied tongue” or a diastema (large gap between the front upper teeth). Surgical treatment can easily resolve these issues. The tongue surgery is clinically termed a lingual frenectomy and the procedure to help close the gap in upper teeth is called a maxillary labial frenectomy.

Oral Surgery from Temecula  Dentists

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