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What To Know Before Oral Surgery

In recent blogs, we have discussed wisdom tooth extractions and root canals, both of which are considered forms of oral surgery. We know that the thought of these invasive procedures may be anxiety-inducing for some patients, however, they are necessary for maintaining a healthy smile. Your Riverside Dental Group of California is here today to… Read more »

Answering Your Questions About Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is an option in dentistry that can repair dental-related problems or also be used as preventive care. While it may seem scary to go in for a root canal or tooth extraction, we are here to provide you with comfortable care throughout the whole process so you can worry less. In today’s blog,… Read more »

We Can Address Tooth Crowding Caused By Your Wisdom Teeth

The arrival of your wisdom teeth can lead to real smile concerns. It is possible that you will experience a painful crowding of your teeth when they arrive. Many people experience issues because their wisdom teeth become impacted, meaning they erupt at an improper angle. Your Moreno Valley, CA dentist is prepared to help you… Read more »

Oral Surgery Can Help You Address Big Smile Concerns

Oral surgery is not always necessary to restore someone’s oral health. In fact, if you pay attention to signs of dental trouble and stay consistent with routine dental exams, you can make sure problems are addressed before there are complications that might require advanced care. With that said, there are some occasions when it is… Read more »

3 Things Your Riverside Oral Surgeon Can Do

You know, of course, that your Riverside, CA oral surgeon can perform oral surgery. So, should you ever need this specialized type of dental care, you’re in luck! However, as for the main treatments these actually include and what they can do for you, you may not have much of a concept. Fortunately, today we… Read more »

What Can My Oral Surgeon Do For Me?

You may know that we offer oral surgery at our practice. You may also have some idea about why you may end up needing this type of care for your smile. However, until our Riverside, CA team actually tells you that it’s time for a particular procedure, you may remain a bit fuzzy on the… Read more »

Oral Surgery and Wisdom Teeth: FAQ

If you are on a twice-yearly checkup schedule, which your affordable oral surgeon in Riverside, CA highly recommends, your dentist has probably seen you in the last six months. Many routine appointments consist of cleaning your teeth, checking your gums, and looking in and around your mouth for changes. Your dentist may also take X-rays,… Read more »

3 Things Oral Surgery Is For Your Smile

When you hear that you require oral surgery, all you might be able to think about is the fact that you need something more intensive than your run of the mill restorative procedure like a filling. What you might easily end up completely ignoring is the fact that this type of care can provide you… Read more »

Your Oral Surgeon Says: Avoid Oral Trauma This Holiday!

Your oral surgeon would like to help you avoid trauma this holiday! While we cannot help you avoid the emotional trauma that often comes with figuring out which gifts to buy, dealing with crowds, and trying not to overeat, we can help you with your smile. By considering some tips you have most certainly heard… Read more »

Questions To Ask Your Oral Surgeon

When you need to see an oral surgeon to improve your health, you will naturally discover that a lot of questions make their way into your mind. However, they might show up in the form of worries or concerns and not necessarily in the format of an inquiry. We understand that this might be a… Read more »