Dentistry is a fascinating field with a long, rich history. Some of the aspects of dental history might make you cringe. Some might make you laugh. Amusing facts such as learning that the same man that invented crossword puzzle toilet paper created bourbon and scotch flavored toothpastes in the 1950s abound. Some things might even make you feel like you’ve learned something interesting. Did you know that babies aren’t born with the bacteria that create tooth decay, but they quickly pick up Streptococcus mutans from anyone that kisses them or shares utensils with them? Only 1% of the population is immune to S mutans. Do you want to learn more? Enjoy today’s blog from Moreno Valley family dentistsat Moreno Valley Dental.

Oral Hygiene Products of the Past

Have you ever been in an emergency situation where you don’t have a toothbrush, and simply put toothpaste on your finger? There was a time when this was one of the only ways to clean teeth. Twigs were also used in some cultures. In fact, people in India still use neemtwigs to brush teeth because they naturally kill bacteria. However, if you go back far enough in the annals of history before much was known about oral hygiene, tooth decay was much more common. In fact, Greek physician Hippocrates recommended patients cure toothaches with a concoction made from the head of a hare and three mice.  Thankfully, about a century ago, a minty paste was invented that we now use to brush our teeth at least twice-a-day with.

Other Parts of the World

China is the place that porcelain was invented. Porcelain is now an extremely important part of cosmetic dentistry. Whether you need veneers or crowns, you can almost say that you are wearing your “fine China” on your teeth.  The country of China celebrates a national holiday known as “Love Your Teeth Day” every year on September 20th. All over the world and all through history, different trends and customs existed. In early 1600, women in Japan would color their teeth black as a symbol of loyalty to their husbands. In current Japanese culture, some girls undergo a cosmetic alteration called yaeba, wherein they opt for veneers that make their canine teeth appear to be jutting out and crooked

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