Are you aware that we, as Americans, celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day every February 28th? There are plenty of fun (and maybe useless, but nevertheless interesting) trivia facts with a dental slant. Do you think you can tell the real facts from the silly fiction? Today, your Riverside dentists at Riverside Dental Group would like to put you to the test.


Q1. Fact or fiction – The act of smiling releases the same kind of endorphins in your body as eating chocolate.

Q2. Fact or fiction – All dental issues stem from the one form of bacteria that lives in your mouth.

Q3. Fact or fiction – Elephants do not have teeth.

Q4. Fact or fiction – Thousands of gallons of saliva are produced in the average human life span.

Q6. Fact or fiction – Tooth enamel is harder than diamonds.


A1. FACT – It’s true. Both of these endorphin rushes can also be compared to winning money. Even more good news about chocolate: certain compounds in darker varieties are actually good for your teeth and gums.

A2. FICTION – Your dental plaque alone contains more than three hundred species of germs. There are thousands of types of bacteria that take up residence in your mouth.

A3. FICTION – Those gentle giants, elephants, actually do have teeth. They rely on their trunks to scoop food into their mouths but grind their food with their large pearly whites. Each elephant molar weighs in at about 4 kilograms and measures approximately seven square inches.

A4. FACT – If you live a nice, long life (and you don’t have issues with dry mouth) you will produce more than ten thousand gallons of saliva.

A6. FICTION – Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, but enamel is a close second. However, seeing as we don’t make diamonds with our bodies (unfortunately) your tooth enamel does have the distinction of being the hardest substance in your entire body.

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