at Riverside Dental Group will offer advice on making sure that everyone in the family, not just the kids, are giving ample attention to proper oral hygiene.

Why Do We Brush?

Understanding just why brushing your teeth is important may give you that extra push to stay on track. Brushing gets rid of plaque, a sticky biofilm that adheres to your teeth, hardens into tartar, and exposes your teeth to bacteria. Plaque is comprised of a combination of food particles and bacteria called Streptococcus mutans. You have 48 hours to clear it from your teeth before it hardens into tartar. Once that happens, you’ll need the help of your dental hygienist to properly and safely remove tartar buildup.

Schedule your Oral Hygiene

Many of us have such busy lifestyles, but simply building an extra five minutes into your nighttime and morning routine is all you need to keep teeth and gums healthy between dental checkups. Don’t hit the snooze button too many times, and don’t wait until you’re exhausted at night to brush your teeth. You are likely to do a much better job if you are alert and not in a rush. Consider investing in an electric toothbrush to get the most out of your two minutes of brushing. It’s possible to do a good job with a manual toothbrush, but an electric one will be much easier on your hands and might make the prospect of brushing less monotonous.

Dental Checkups from your Riverside Dentists

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