at Dental Associates of Corona will offer some tips that can help quiet a loud snorer.

Changing Your Sleeping Position

When you lie on your back, the base of your tongue and soft palate can obstruct your throat, causing the vibrating sound of snoring. Retraining yourself to sleep on your side might alleviate this particular problem. A body pillow is helpful to keep you on your side while you sleep.

Shed a Few Pounds to Stop Snoring

Dr. Slaughter points out that thin people snore, as well as overweight people. However, if your snoring started directly after gaining weight, losing the weight might help you and your significant other sleep a little more soundly. Excess weight around the neck squeezes the throat, which triggers snoring. Hitting the gym and eating a healthy diet can lead to better sleep and a longer, higher quality of life.

Cocktails Can Make You Snore

If you tend to drink alcohol regularly before bed, you may find that you snore more. Alcohol and sedatives can affect the muscle tone in the back of your throat, leading to those unwanted, loud, and distracting vibrations. Alcohol can also be dehydrating, affecting the secretions in your nose, and making your soft palate stickier. Try cutting out drinking for a week or so, and kicking up your water consumption to see if snoring improves.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Help from Corona Dentists

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