As we age, our teeth become stained from substances such as coffee, red wine, and tobacco products. Dull, yellow teeth are also a sign of simply aging. Many people are turning to teeth whitening to take years off of their appearance, and boost their confidence in their smiles. Do you think you already know a lot about teeth whitening? Your Moreno Valley dentists at Moreno Valley Dentistry, have a quiz for you to try.

Questions about Teeth Whitening

Q1. True or false – Professional level tooth whitening at a dental office will whiten crowns and fillings, as well as teeth.

Q2.True or false – Fluorisis is an over-the-counter whitening treatment.

Q3. True or false – A bright and healthy smile is related to career success.

Q4. True or false – Your teeth will be permanently sensitive after bleaching.


A1. Teeth whitening only works on natural teeth. If the look of metal fillings and crowns in your mouth is something you are unhappy with, you can discuss composite filling replacements with your Moreno Valley dentists. Composite fillings will match the color of your teeth, so that your white smile has continuity.

A2. FALSE – Fluorosis is a condition that occurs in young children when they get too much fluoride. Fluorosis appears as white or brown spots on teeth, and sometimes pitting. Teeth whitening can help correct the appearance of teeth that are damaged by fluorosis.

A3. Studies show that people with confident smiles have better success in their relationships and careers. For this reason, men, especially, are turning to teeth whitening to get a leg up when competing for new jobs and promotions

A4. FALSE – A little tooth sensitivity during the whitening process is normal, but this should subside after your bleaching cycle is complete.

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