at Dental Associates of Corona will explain why attending your checkups at least every six months may be your only hope in remaining gum disease free.

Explanation of Gum Disease

Periodontal disease (gum disease) begins with a bacterial infection of the gums and continues to spread until treated. It is incurable, but it can be stopped in its tracks from progressing, and the earlier, the better. Early gum disease has few symptoms, but as it progresses into periodontitis, it becomes the highest cause of adult tooth loss. To avoid extensive and invasive repair to damage from gum disease, getting plaque and tartar buildup cleaned off your teeth by your dental hygienist will help greatly.

Are You at Risk?

Many people think that good oral hygiene and avoiding various lifestyle factors will keep them safe from gum disease. While it is true that factors such as smoking, diabetes, poor nutrition, and poor dental hygiene will all speed up your potential for gum disease, periodontal infection can hit anyone at any time. Some out-of-your-control factors like hormonal fluctuations may make you more susceptible. So can ingesting certain prescription medications. The truth is, about 80% of Americans have some form of gum disease as you read this. This means if you are gum disease free, you are in a minority that most likely goes to their preventive dental exams every six months.

Gum Disease Help from Corona Dentists

Fighting gum disease is much easier to do if you keep up with good oral hygiene practices, and see your dentist every six month. For all of your family, general, and cosmetic dentistry needs, call your Corona dentists. We offer comprehensive general dentistry services. You can schedule a consultation at our 92879 dental office by calling (951) 273-9580. We serve patients in the 92879 area and surrounding communities.