at Dental Associates of Moreno Valley, will offer you some tips and alternatives to keep your coffee consumption from dulling your smile.

Natural Energy

If you’re concerned about permanently staining your teeth, a balanced diet with plenty of lean proteins and vegetables will give you a boost of natural energy without the caffeine jitters. Amongst the stars of the vegetable show are leafy greens. Spinach, kale, and other such greens contain minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that can flood your body with true, sustainable energy. If you eat healthy and stay active, you’re likely to feel good all day with no caffeine crash that sends you back to the coffeepot in the afternoon. Later-in-the-day coffee can make it hard for you to get to sleep, beginning the vicious cycle all over again. If upping your veggie consumption and physical activity don’t offer you the energy surge you seek, talk to your general physician about adding more vitamin B supplements to your diet.

Drinking Coffee a Different Way

This might take some getting used to, but consider sipping your coffee through a straw. Part of the comfort of coffee is sipping it out of the side of a warm mug, or the small opening in a to-go cup. What about a straw? If you could find a way to make this a new habit, you might be surprised how much less staining occurs on your teeth. You can still get your caffeine fix by enjoying your morning elixir in this alternative way, and have a brighter smile to flash as the rush courses through your body.

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