Trouble sleeping? “Don’t eat before bed” is common advice that you may think of for your overall health. This can also benefit the state of your oral health. When your body is hampered by the digestion process, some people find it harder to relax. And when you eat after you’ve already brushed your teeth for the night, you are undoing all of that good hygiene. You may be someone that will rest easier with a little bedtime snack in your belly. If that is the case, ingesting small amounts of the right foods is an important part of the equation. You should also be sure to brush after your snack. Your Riverside, CA dentists at Riverside Dental Group have some suggestions on foods to eat, and foods to avoid, before you lay your head down on your pillow at night.

Tryptophan and Carbohydrates

Dairy foods and eggs are great ways to get the essential amino acid, tryptophan, into your system. Tryptophan is known to help you feel sleepy, and can also be found in plant based sources like nuts, seeds and bananas. Carbs work great in combination with dairy, nuts and fruit to produce a larger amount of tryptophan. Some examples of great late night snacks would be a bowl of cereal with cow’s or nut milk, a peanut butter and banana sandwich, or a small quesadilla made with low-fat cheese.

Protein and Saturated Fat

Turkey and tryptophan are often linked, but high protein snacks are a bad idea before you go to sleep. Harder to digest, large amounts of protein might induce your insomnia. Try a glass of warm milk and some whole wheat crackers to give your body just what it needs to get you through the night without waking up. Add interrupted sleep to the list of why high fat foods should be avoided. If you indulge in a late night fast food extravaganza, your sleep cycles are likely to be thrown out of whack as your body attempts to right the wrongs that saturated fat and sodium do to it. Light and healthy is a good idea around the clock, but especially before bed.

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