Fluoride is a naturally occurring compound which is derived from the element of fluorine. This mineral occurs naturally in water, air, and some foods. Fluoride treatments are a common element of dental care for children, and have been so for a long time. Though teeth are naturally strong, adding another compound into the mix can only make your smile that much stronger. We especially focus our fluoride efforts on your youngest patients so that they can strengthen teeth as early as possible. Recent studies show that fluoride also provides a slippery environment that results in germs literally sliding right off of your teeth. Your Temecula children’s dentists at Oasis Family Dental will educate you further about fluoride.

Fluoridated H20

Once upon a time, tooth decay ran rampant since oral hygiene left much to be desired. Over the years of experience and technological development, we have learned how to keep our teeth in much better condition. Around World War II, American neighborhoods began to infuse tap water with fluoride. This resulted in a dramatic (approximately 60%) reduction of tooth decay in the United States from that point on. Water systems are checked daily to make sure that the fluoride levels are safe to the communities they service.


You may be concerned about the connection between fluoride exposure and a condition called fluorosis. This issue only affects a small number of children, all of whom are under six years of age. To end up with fluorosis, an extremely high dose of fluoride has to be consumed. This could mean that a young child that eats tubes of toothpaste or drinks bottles of mouthwash could end up with fluorosis. The symptoms will not show up until the child’s teeth come in. What you will see in a child with fluorosis is discoloration and patchy white spots on their newly emerging teeth. To avoid fluorosis, keep your oral hygiene products well out of reach of curious little ones in your house.

Fluoride Treatments from Temecula Children’s Dentists

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