seriously. Toothaches can stem from a number of causes. There are obvious reasons for oral pain, such as sudden dental injury from sports or an accident. Or a toothache can come on with no obvious cause, confusing you in your moment of shock and pain. A wise course is to educate yourself in advance so that you can deal with toothache pain in a level-headed manner.

Tooth Abscesses

Dental abscesses occur when tooth decay and gum disease are ignored and a severe localized infection occurs. The bacteria that cause tooth decay are called Streptococcus mutans. They can convert sucrose into lactic acid right inside your mouth. Neglecting your oral hygiene and ignoring symptoms such as changes in your teeth, obvious holes where decay is festering, or the beginnings of a toothache, can all lead to an abscess. You can spot this painful condition by the combination of sudden onset discomfort accompanied by a pimple-like bump filled with pus. Antibiotics may resolve the problem if you act swiftly, but tooth loss is a definite possibility if you ignore this type of toothache causing infection.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease (gum disease) can sometimes result in feelings which could be compared to a toothache. Germs can spread to your dental pulp (below the gumline). As infection festers and breeds, your gum tissues can become irritated and inflamed. All of your oral nerves cross and intersect which can make the feelings of pain confusing sometimes. In fact, sinus infections sometimes manifest as a toothache. To avoid gum disease, it is recommended that you keep a schedule of regular cleanings and checkups every six months.

Toothache Help from Riverside Dentists

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