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Relieving The Pain Of Your Toothache

young woman with tootache

If you experience a toothache that lasts for more than one day, get in contact with your dentist right away! Ignoring this symptom can lead to big trouble down the line. That’s because toothache is a common sign of a dangerous infection that without treatment, can spread to other parts of your body by entering… Read more »

We Can Help Heal Your Aching Tooth

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If you wake up with an ache in one of your teeth that will not go away after a day, call your dentist as soon as possible. A consistent toothache is a primary symptom of a bacterial infection that requires timely treatment to begin healing. Left alone, bacteria that grow inside your tooth risk reaching… Read more »

Possibilities: When You Don’t Ignore Your Toothache

Most of the time, our Riverside, CA team spends time talking about what happens when you ignore your toothache, why you shouldn’t do it, and so on and so forth. However, today, we thought we would take a look at the flip side of this topic, as we explore the possible paths you may find… Read more »

Your Toothache: Emotions To Switch Off Or To Follow

Yikes! You have a toothache and you’re not thrilled about it. What to do? Of course, unless you’re a strictly logical individual, our Riverside, CA team knows that you probably find yourself flooded with a variety of emotional reactions to your not-so-comfortable tooth situation. Some of those feelings can guide you quite well, as you… Read more »

Your Fall Toothache: Is It Related To The Season?

Just like that, you’ll wake up and realize summer is long gone and you’re in the midst of a season just about everyone out there loves. It’s mild, it’s romantic, it’s very cozy … it’s fall! While you may find that all of your favorite things quickly put a smile on your face, this exciting… Read more »

3 Interesting Things About Your Toothache

One of the very last words you may have ever drummed up in reference to your toothache? The word “interesting.” We understand. The first vocabulary that floods your mind in reaction to this very unique type of discomfort is likely all quite negative! However, our Riverside, CA team would like to ask you to consider… Read more »

Your Toothache: Different Reactions, Different Outcomes

Did you know that the way you react to your toothache is extremely important and can have a very significant impact on the outcome of whatever is going on with your oral health? Our Riverside, CA team wants you to keep in mind that when you deal with any type of pain associated with your… Read more »

Turn Your Toothache Into Some Valuable Lessons!

It’s hard to find a lot of nice things to say about experiencing a toothache. We know this. However, it’s always nice to be able to turn a not-so-great experience into a valuable one! With that said, our Riverside, CA team would like you to consider choosing to gain some lessons from your recent tooth… Read more »