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Plenty of Problems

Court documents revealed that LeAnn Rimes was suing her former dentist on the basis of bad dental crowns that impeded her career path. She was forced to cancel several tour dates in order to undergo dental surgery. Ms. Rimes has been pursuing monetary compensation because of earnings lost from what she calls “physical and emotional pain” caused by her bad dental crowns. This setback spanned over three years. Amongst her symptoms included tooth pain, chronic bleeding, and swelling of the gum tissues.

Avoiding Poorly Placed Crowns

Can poor placement of dental crowns really cause severe issues? If you would like to avoid a situation similar to the LeAnn Rimes dental debacle, start by going to a dentist that you feel comfortable with and trust. Cavities too deep for a simple filling may require a dental crown, but careful preparation is essential. The bacteria must be cleaned out thoroughly before a dental crown is placed. Dental crowns are designed to cover the entire part of your tooth that is poking out above your gumline. A dental crown should provide you with strength, function, and aesthetics.

Dental Crowns from Riverside, CA Dentists

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