can attest.

Tooth Layers

Going from the outside-in, your teeth are coated with the hardest substance in your body – tooth enamel. Translucent tooth enamel is designed to create an impenetrable shell to protect the inside of your teeth from the hundreds of germs dwelling in your mouth. The bulk of your teeth that is coated by enamel is dentin. This layer is much softer, and filled with tubules that allow nerves to transmit sensations, vitamins, and minerals throughout the entire anatomy of your teeth. Underneath your visible gumline and tooth crown is your dental pulp. Nerves and roots reside there to anchor teeth, supply nutrients, and remove waste.

Healthy Teeth are Beautiful

One thing is for sure, if your teeth are filled with festering tooth decay or red, swollen gums, there probably isn’t much inner beauty going on. Once the insides of your teeth become damaged, the outsides are soon to follow. However, it can take time for decay to spread, so you may have issues inside your mouth that you aren’t yet aware of. This is why biannual checkups and twice daily oral hygiene sessions are so imperative. Just as most of us strive to have a matching set of inner and outer gorgeousness, the same goal should ring true for your smile.

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