at Dental Associates of Corona love children. However, if you have ever had a toddler in your life, you know how squirmy and challenging they can be. Their communication skills are on a different plane. They frighten easily sometimes. They can be incredibly stubborn. So the prospect of brushing a toddler’s teeth may seem extremely daunting.

Capitalize on Toddler Personalities

Luckily, you can focus on certain personality traits of little ones and use them to your advantage in trying to instill oral hygiene in babies. Toddlers are so curious. They want to be involved in everything. You can start by showing them the implements of dental self-care from their little soft-bristled toothbrush to their training toothpaste. Perhaps even let them take a pass at brushing on their own. If you try to force your hand on an unwilling child, you’ll end up with a struggle that makes the whole thing unpleasant for all involved. After you’ve given them a chance to gnaw and gum on their new brush so that they feel in control, you may have more luck gently open their mouth and brushing their teeth softly but firmly.

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha

Toddler toothbrushes are specifically designed with smaller heads and softer bristles to cater to the tiny teeth in your baby’s mouth. Training toothpastes get toddler’s used to the experience of toothpaste without over-exposure to fluoride. Fluorosis is a rare but very unfortunate condition that can lead to white and brown spots and streaks on emerging teeth. Keep all fluoridated products out of reach of your children. Count on the fact that some children will simply be less cooperative than others. Finding a comfortable position such as laying them on the bed, or across your lap with their head at your knees, can make the mission a smoother one. Implement a circular motion with the toothbrush, scrubbing the front and back of each tooth they have. Even though training toothpaste has no fluoride, get your child into the spitting habit from day one.

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