at Riverside Dental Group recognize the problems that tooth loss can cause, but fortunately we can fix those issues with dental implants.

Pitfalls of Tooth Loss

You may only think of your teeth as cosmetic and functional in terms of smiling and eating, but the structure of your teeth goes much further down than the visible crown. A healthy jawbone relies on healthy teeth. Rooted into the jaw, full bone density is necessary in order for your teeth to stay firmly in place. Healthy teeth roots provide signals to other parts of your body to send minerals and nutrients to the jawbone. When these essential compounds are sent elsewhere, your jawbone will start to deteriorate. Eventually, more teeth will fall out and you’ll end up with facial collapse. This is why we so strongly recommend teeth replacement in the form of dental implants.

Dental Implants

Dental implants have made their mark in restorative dentistry as the most tooth-like replacements available for lost teeth. Rather than just focusing on the tooth crown, a biocompatible root replacement made out of titanium is surgically implanted into your jawbone. The faux root protrudes through your gums to provide a strong attachment point for a prosthetic porcelain crown. Porcelain can be made to appear just like a real tooth, complete with life-like reflective translucence. Dental implants restore your smile with both strength and aesthetics and help you maintain your jawbone density so you won’t be a sitting duck for further tooth loss.

Dental Implants from Woodcrest, CA Dentists

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