at Riverside Dental Group don’t see this condition in patients commonly, but when Sjogren’s Syndrome is present, proper oral health care is imperative to avoid major dental issues.

Dental Issues for Sjogren’s Patients

The highest risk category for Sjogren’s Syndrome are women over 40. However, the condition can strike any gender at any age. This autoimmune disease remains a bit of a mystery in the medical profession. Tissues and cells in the body begin to be attacked by one’s own immune system. Salivary glands start to decrease production. Dry mouth is common. This condition can make speaking and swallowing difficult. Oral health dangers such as bacterial infections, thrush, and bad breath are also connected to dry mouth.

Dealing with Sjogren’s Related Dental Issues

Sjogren’s Syndrome can easily be confused for other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus. This can make Sjogren’s Syndrome extremely difficult to diagnose.  If you are a patient of the disease and you are suffering from major dental issues as a result, the sooner you seek the assistance of both your general physician and dentist, the sooner you can have relief from irritating side effects like dry mouth. Paying strict attention to your dental self-care routine, and keeping up with regular checkups with your Woodcrest, CA dentists is especially recommended for people with Sjogren’s Syndrome. When any sort of orofacial pain or other dental symptoms that might indicate tooth decay or gum inflammation arise in combination with Sjogren’s, don’t hesitate to seek dental attention immediately.

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