at Riverside Dental Group like to take the time to educate patients so that they are prepared in the event that they have a sudden toothache.

Toothache Top Five

5.    One of the more surprising causes of toothaches, your teeth and sinuses share very close real estate. For that reason, many patients who report upper tooth pain actually end up having a sinus infection. The good news about a toothache that comes from a sinus infection is that the pain will go away when your sinus infection is healed.

4.    Tooth fractures can occur for a variety of reasons. Injuries during sports are a common cause of fractures in your smile. We recommend that you wear an athletic mouthguard during contact sports. Fractures can also occur when you don’t treat your teeth with care. One particular habit – ice chewing – is a cause of many cracked teeth.

3.  Most people don’t realize that gum disease can cause a toothache feeling. In the early stages (gingivitis) periodontal disease may not have any symptoms, but as the tissues become more infected and recede, you can feel discomfort that can be mistaken for a toothache.

2.    Abscessed teeth are extreme infections from cavities or gum disease that are not properly treated. When a tooth abscesses, patients typically notice a pimple-like bump accompanied by sharp pain. The discomfort may even radiate throughout your mouth. Call your dentist immediately, as abscessed teeth can require extraction when they progress too far.

1.    Cavities take the number one spot for obvious reasons. Untreated cavities are certainly a common toothache cause, and they are also the conclusion many people jump to when they have a toothache. If you visit your dentist every six months and brush your teeth twice a day (don’t forget flossing daily) you should be able to catch tooth decay before it ever gets to a point of causing pain.

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