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Do Tooth Fractures Always Require Treatment?

Cracks in your teeth can provide easy access for germs, which may end up effecting your dental pulp. These inner tissues that reside below your gumline contain blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. The more you ignore a cracked tooth, the deeper and more separated the fracture might become. Exposed dental pulp can easily become infected, leading to the need for a root canal procedure. To combat this possibility, a tooth-colored filling or dental crown might be recommended eventually. However, with very shallow cracks, keeping an eye on the fracture at each of your dental checkups may suffice, at least for a while.

Preventing Cracked Teeth

There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to prevent cracked teeth. However, certain habits might put you at higher risk. People who chew on hard items such as ice, pencils and pens, or un-popped popcorn kernels might be one bite away from a deeply cracked tooth. Even biting your nails can cause cracks in tooth structure. If you have a bad habit of gnawing on any of these things, try to divert your attention to a more healthy habit like exercising or meditating. If you should bite down on anything (food or otherwise) and feel a sharp pain, contact your Woodcrest, CA dentists right away. The earlier that a severe crack is diagnosed and treated, the better.

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