. If you should need a root canal procedures or a restoration for any reason, dental crowns will be the best means of reinforcement. Crowns seal off the sensitive areas below the gumline, protecting your tooth from further decay.

The Purpose of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are part of a treatment plan for a tooth that is allowing exposure of the dental pulp and roots below the top visible part or “crown” of your tooth. Tooth enamel is an extremely strong compound which coats every single tooth in your mouth. Tooth enamel is meant to provide an impenetrable barrier to protect the lower parts of your tooth structure from infection. If cracks, breaks, or decay do occur (especially if your root canals are infiltrated by germs) your dentist will need to cleanse and disinfect the area, reshape the damaged canals, and seal off the area. A dental crown will restore your tooth’s strength and aesthetic appeal.

Royalty in your Mouth

If you think of a king wearing a crown, you probably imagine some gold involved. There was a time when dental crowns were made from gold as well. They still are, on occasion. More often, your far back molars make excellent candidates for porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns (PFM crowns). Unfortunately, for patients with PFM crowns on visible teeth, the appearance of a dark line where gums and the restorative crown meet is embarrassing. This makes what is supposed to be a tooth-colored crown look glaringly obvious. As a result, layered or pressed porcelain and zirconia have made their mark as strong and aesthetically pleasing  materials for dental crown fabrication.

Dental Crowns from Woodcrest, CA Dentists

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