at Moreno Valley Dental Group want to take a look at two of the most popular foods in the world of children: apples and peanut butter. On their own or combined, these foods are staples for most American families with children? How do apples and peanut butter effect your family’s dental health, though?

Acid and Sugar in Apples

Cross-breeding of apple trees in modern times has unfortunately raised the sugar content of the fruit by 50%. As a parent, you assume that you’re providing your children with a healthy snack when you serve them an apple. Unfortunately, sugar and acid contributes to cavities. Some apples have nearly as much acid as a can of soda. There are certainly highly nutritious elements in apples, but consider sticking to smaller, organic varieties which are not modified and therefore less nutritious. You may also think about treating an apple as a dessert rather than an “any time” snack. When you do eat an apple, rinse your mouth with water afterwards. Wait about an hour before you brush your teeth so that your tooth enamel will re-mineralize.

No Nuts in Peanut Butter

Today is actually National Peanut Butter. What better way to celebrate than with a great big peanut butter cup, right? Unfortunately, no dentist will buy into that one. However, it is important to note that while delicious and full of protein, peanut butter is actually not made from a nut at all. A peanut is a legume, which means that carbohydrates are a part of their nutrition profile. What this means to you is that if you purchase peanut butter with added sugar, you’re getting a double dose. To enjoy peanut butter in the best way for you or your child’s teeth, purchase natural peanut butter made purely from organic peanuts.

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