at Riverside Dental Group had an “enemy” it would probably be sugar. While germs cause cavities, they can’t do so without sugar. Though understandings in preventive dental health have certainly improved over the years, the added potency of oral healthcare products does not mean you can eat whatever you want with no consequences. As dietary science uncovers more information about sucrose, it’s clear that there is such a thing as a “sweet tooth.” In other words, sugar has addictive qualities that make you want to consume more the more you eat. So what are some dentist recommended sweetening substitutes?


Sugar free gum can protect your teeth from acid erosion and cavities while giving you that sweet taste you may crave. Gum with xylitol is found in a wide variety of flavors. Xylitol is an amazing substance derived from the fibers of fruits, mushrooms, and grains. Xylitol doesn’t ferment, so your saliva can’t convert the substance into sucrose. Incredibly, xylitol goes even further by helping to remineralize tooth enamel so your smile remains strong and protected. Bacteria stick in xylitol like a fly in a spider’s web. With food debris out of reach, the germs cannot create lactic acid and basically starve to death.


Xylitol is terrific in chewing gum, but unfortunately it will not make a suitable replacement for sugar in baking. Fortunately, there is an amazing natural sweetener that has gained so much popularity that you can now find it in any major grocery store. Stevia is a sugar alternative from the sunflower family. Also known as “sweet leaf” or “sugar leaf,” you can find the sweetener in packets perfect for coffee, in boxes for baking, or in a liquid form. Stevia is a low-carbohydrate alternative to sugar that doesn’t only help your teeth, but can also aid in the reduction of weight and conditions which are connected to obesity.

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