Excess gum tissue isn’t a concern for everyone. However, if you do have this cosmetic problem, you may wonder if there’s any sort of solution beyond avoiding smiling.  Some people say they have a “gummy” smile. Others have uneven gum tissue which makes their teeth appear as if they are different sizes. There’s a simple solution to too much gum tissue, called gum contouring. The Moreno Valley dentists at Dental Associates of Moreno Valley have seen smiles completely changed for the better thanks to this cosmetic dental procedure

What Causes Excess Gum Tissues?

Something called altered active eruption is one of the known causes of overgrown gingival tissues. The crux of this problem is that your teeth are normal in size, yet your gum tissue and jawbone covers them so they appear smaller. Some people are simply born with an overgrowth of gums. Teeth grinding on a chronic basis can also cause sections of gum tissue to recede while others remain normal, giving an uneven smile frame. Whatever the reason, if your gums are not straight and uniform, your smile may not look the way you want it to.

Straightening up your Gums

Gum recontouring is also referred to as a gum lift.  We will start by recording measurements of your gums. Pictures and impressions are also taken as a reference point. You’ll enjoy seeing the before and after when all is said and done. For the actual procedure appointment, your gumline will be marked to ensure accuracy and the exact amount of tissue removal. Gum tissue does not regenerate, so to avoid the need for a graft in the future, precision is important. Local anesthetic is generally all that is necessary for gum contouring. Different options are available to implement the actual surgery, but lasers have gained popularity due to the fact that they are so accurate and also close the tissue as they remove it. This eliminates the need for sutures.

Gum Contouring from Moreno Valley Dentists

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