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Do I Need Periodontics?

Have you noticed that your gums look red? Have they been bleeding when you brush your teeth or feeling tender to the touch? If so, it may be time you visit us for periodontal therapy. Not sure what to make of periodontics or why you need specialized care? Well, the health of your gum tissue… Read more »

Swollen Gums: Should You Visit Your Dentist?

Do your gums feel a little inflamed when you touch them with your tongue? Do they look swollen when you glance in the mirror? Paying attention to gum swelling is an essential aspect of maintaining your oral health. Because swollen gums are often a sign of an underlying dental issue, we encourage you to visit… Read more »

Gum Contouring Frames your Smile

Excess gum tissue isn’t a concern for everyone. However, if you do have this cosmetic problem, you may wonder if there’s any sort of solution beyond avoiding smiling.  Some people say they have a “gummy” smile. Others have uneven gum tissue which makes their teeth appear as if they are different sizes. There’s a simple… Read more »