at Riverside Dental Group challenge you to a quiz on preventive dental care.


Q1. True or false – A common dental cleaning instrument which you can purchase at the drugstore is called a scaler.

Q2. True or false – Dental Hygienists receive their training on the job.

Q3. True or false – You will  not even see your actual dentist at a dental cleaning and checkup.

Q4. True or false – X-rays do not detect cavities.


A1. FALSE – Dental hygienists are trained to use scalers and other professional dental instruments to remove the soft and hardened versions of sticky biofilms which can create damage to gums and teeth. Technological advances have made the hour long scrape session faster, more efficient, and much more comfortable. An ultrasonic scaler utilizes gentle vibrations to loosen plaque and tartar from your teeth in quicker and more comfortably.

A2. FALSE – Trust your dental hygienist to be able to provide all of the basics of your dental checkup, from x-rays to cleaning. They are professionals that have been extensively trained and licensed in order to provide you with the best possible dental care.

A3. FALSE – You might spend more time with your hygienist at your checkup, but your Riverside general dentists are trained and experienced to provide you with efficient, but detailed visual inspections of your x-rays and your mouth. Your dentist will search for signs of gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer.

A4. FALSE – X-rays ordered at some of your preventive appointments. This will give an in-depth internal view of any dental issues, including tooth decay. As with any aspect of your overall health, finding problems in an early stage will make them much easier to treat.

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