Whether you’re a working professional, a stay at home mom (or dad), or the parent of a tween who’s about to get braces, you’re probably dealing with some mixed up emotions. Often, negative emotions like doubt, uncertainty, and even anxiety can overshadow more positive emotions, like the anticipation and excitement of achieving a fantastic looking smile. Today, we’re taking a glass-half-full approach and looking at three upsides to keep in mind throughout your orthodontic treatment.

1. They’ll Give You a Healthier, More Beautiful Smile

Braces are designed to correct your smile in two ways:

  • Form. This means that braces straighten and realign your teeth in order to give your overall smile a more uniform, even appearance. According to a number of perception studies, straight teeth can prompt people to perceive you as more attractive, healthier, smarter, and more successful.
  • Function. Teeth that are uneven, misaligned, or that come together improperly can disrupt the normal function of your mouth. For instance, an improper bite can place excess pressure on one side of the mouth, leading to enamel wear and even TMJ problems on that side. Correcting the bite issue using braces will, in turn, promote better performance.

2. They Don’t Have to Look Obvious

Once upon a time, wearing braces meant big, bulky metal brackets and wires. These days, even traditional metal braces are more discreet than ever before. Lightweight metal and smaller brackets combine to make regular braces more comfortable and esthetic. Even better, most orthodontists also offer options such as Invisalign clear aligners and ceramic bracket, to minimize the obvious appearance of braces.

3. You Don’t Have to Wear Them Forever

A little perspective can go a long way. Yes, you might be in braces for the next 12-24 months (or longer, if you have a particularly complex case). However, that’s a relatively short time commitment, compared to the lifetime of healthier teeth and gums and lovely looking smiles you’ll get to enjoy. Even though you may not be thrilled about the braces you’re wearing today, just imagine how happy you’ll be at this time next year when you’re enjoying your brand new smile.

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