Kids love lollipops. Unfortunately, with a normal hard candy, pure sugar sits on teeth as the confection is sucked on and consumed over a longer period of time. By feeding the bacteria which create acid, tooth enamel weakens and teeth can become easily infected with decay. Imagine if there were a candy you could give to the children in your life without concern that you were promoting cavities. One amazing discovery called Keep 32 is working on a candy which might actually stop cavities.

Defining Keep 32

Scientific research conducted by Jose Cordoba of Yale University, and Erich Astudillo of Universidad de Santiago, in Chile, has been underway for a while. Their goal is to potentially eradicate the bacteria in people’s mouths which causes cavities. Keep 32 is a chemical compound only requiring 60 seconds of exposure to the human mouth in order to kill bacteria. The molecule is named after the 32 teeth in the human mouth. It specifically targets Streptococcus mutans (the germs which turn sucrose into enamel eroding lactic acid). Regular exposure to Keep 32 could prevent cavities from ever starting in the first place.

Lollipop, Lollipop?

A 14 to 18-month trial on humans is underway in order for the scientists and developers of Keep 32 to prove the cavity preventing power of the compound. Erich Astudillo is the CEO of Top Tech Innovations. They are the company which holds the patent for Keep 32. Astudillo states “the molecule can not only be incorporated into a gum, but in products like toothpastes, mouthwashes, dental floss, candies, lollipops, dental night gels, and other items that can be kept inside the mouth for at least 60 seconds.” Lollipops would be an especially handy way to expose the compound to children, offering parents a huge leg up in keeping their kids’ teeth healthy.

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