You are more likely to have a little fear over going to the dentist than you are to be perfectly calm and comfortable with the whole process. This may not even be due to any obvious terrible experience. There’s just something about going to any kind of medical office where you are liable to be poked, prodded, examined, and questioned, that makes the average person a little uneasy. However, for some people, the feelings go far beyond a little nervousness. Some people are so phobic about dental appointments that they avoid going to the dentist altogether. The Riverside dentists at Riverside Dental Group offer intravenous sedation dentistry to patients who are particularly anxious about pending dental appointments.

Dental Phobia Explained

Phobias and anxieties are words which tend to get interchanged. The actual definition of a dental phobia is an irrational fear or anxiety that ramps up when a patient has to go to the dentist. Some patients can’t stand the sounds of dental instruments. Others may be repelled by the smells of a dental office. Most are concerned that their appointment will lead to discomfort and pain. Whether you’ve had a bad experience in the past, or it’s all in your imagination, there’s no reason to avoid going to the dentist over sounds, sights, and smells. If you feel that nervous, sedation may be just the key for you.

Is Sedation Safe for Everyone?

Sedation dentistry is recommended for patients who have disproportionate fears regarding dental visit. Some patients have very sensitive gag reflexes which they find are not only embarrassing, but also make them build up further fear prior to an appointment. We will require a medical history to determine your current condition in order to assure that you will be a healthy candidate for sedation dentistry. Intravenous sedation may also be used on patients that have no particularly bad dental fears, but who require oral surgery of some sort.

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