didn’t cost you any money, there’s always a high price for your dental and overall health when you consume large amounts of sucrose. Just ask any dentist. If you have goals in mind of reducing consumption of sugar, you might feel inspired by scientific research from Newcastle University as a motivation. The scientists at the helm of the trial concluded that reducing sucrose consumption is so effective for dental health, a global initiative is in order.

Reducing Sugar

Free sugars are not defined as sweets with no drawbacks calorically and financially. In fact, free sugars are quite the opposite. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that we greatly reduce intake of “free sugars.” Based on a scientific formula, a person’s total caloric intake should remain less than 10% sucrose. Free sugars are those which are additives in processed foods. Sugar organically found in honey, syrups, and fruits is digested differently by your body than processed sucrose. Newcastle University was the site of research commissioned by WHO. Their findings were published in the Journal of Dental Research. The researchers found that a diet with 10% or less free sugars greatly reduces cavity rates. In fact, cutting that number even further down (to 5%) lowers cavity rates even more.

Fluoride in the Water

Newcastle University researcher Professor Moynihan noted: “People now expect to keep their teeth into old age and given that the effects of sugars on our teeth are lifelong then limiting sugars to less than 5% of the calories we eat would minimize the risk of dental caries throughout life.” Looking at cavity rates in children 12 years old, early tooth decay proved a precursor for continued dental issues later in life. “Part of the problem is that sugary foods and drinks are now staples in many people’s diet in industrialized countries, whereas once they were an occasional treat for a birthday or Christmas. We need to reverse this trend,” explains Professor Moynihan. Encouraging kids to drink fluoridated tap water and use fluoridated toothpaste is a great place to start.

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