Many patients receive intravenous sedation while undergoing surgical procedures of all types. Surgery is never something deemed as a relaxing experience in general, but sedation allows people to go through the nerve-wracking moments without remembering any discomfort. When it comes to dentistry, IV sedation is certainly not the only option. The Temecula dentists at the Oasis Family Dental will share some of the sedation methods available to our patients.

Nitrous Oxide

You may have heard of it as “laughing gas, but nitrous oxide is usually described as more of a relaxing experience as opposed to a hysterical one. Nitrous takes effect quickly and wears off just 8as fast, making this a great solution for patients with anxieties who are putting off dental work.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Many patients experience nervousness regarding dental procedures, but some anxieties are more intense than other. Oral sedation could be ideal for many patients who fear needles or don’t want the commitment and/or cost of full IV sedation. These sedatives are administered in pill form. Within 20 to 45 minutes of ingesting the medication, patients are usually ready for their treatment. As with IV sedation, oral sedation offers the advantage of being able to complete multiple dental procedures in one visit. V

Intravenous Sedation

The use of intravenous sedation (IV sedation) is one of the most rapidly effective means of sedating a patient for a longer time. Our on-site anesthesiologist can administer enough IV sedative medication to leave you relaxed and comfortable during the entirety of an oral surgery. Typically, the use of IV sedation leaves patients with very little memory of their visit to our office, which is a big help for highly phobic patients. Keep in mind, patients must be driven to and from all sedation appointments, but operating a vehicle within 24 hours following IV sedation is not recommended.

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