When you break a bone, you are unlikely to feel embarrassment. Instead, as you walk around with your cast, and perhaps some crutches, you’re likely to be met with sympathetic looks and conversation. If you break a nail, well, that can certainly be filed down easily enough. However, when you break a tooth, the initial feeling can be completely mortifying. Not only are you likely to want to hide your smile, but you are also at a higher risk for tooth decay. Luckily, there are multiple options to restore teeth with solid, color-matched materials that will blend in with the rest of your mouth. The Temecula dentists at the Oasis Family Dental, will tell you more about two ways to resolve broken teeth: dental bridges and dental crowns.

Bridging the Gap in Your Smile

If your broken tooth is unsalvageable, you will possibly need to have the remaining tissue extracted. Fixed dental bridges are a great means of replacing a broken tooth that ends up leaving you with a big space of gum tissue. Dental bridges can replace a single tooth or an entire section of missing teeth. One of the great advantages of this method of restoration is the bite alignment a bridge provides. If you hear the term partial dentures, this is synonymous with a removable dental bridge. There are also fixed dental bridges which offer the ability to smile, eat, and speak with no slipping issues. All of these forms of replacement for lost teeth cover up obvious signs of the fact that you once had an unattractive severely broken or dislodged tooth in your mouth.

Crowning a Complete Smile

Bridges will have a dental crown affixed for cosmetic and functional purposes. If, however, your broken tooth has healthy remaining natural tissue, a crown by itself might suffice to restore your tooth or teeth. Porcelain materials can be layered and pressed for strength and realistic aesthetics that rival a natural tooth. Dental crowns are a common means of replacing teeth that are damaged from injury or infection.

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