at Dental Associates of Corona will share some of the details, but the gist of the survey is that most of us believe our smiles are one of our most important assets at any stage of life.

Money Well Spent

Study volunteers admitted that they are not afraid to spend money on improving the aesthetics of their smiles. In fact, they consider their grin an investment. Approximately 75 percent of the survey participants wouldn’t think twice about allotting some of their income to cosmetic dental improvements, though more were women than men. People were broken into age groups, and the range most likely to invest in smile aesthetics were between 30 and 39 years of age. However, many people believed strongly in smile maintenance all the way up into their twilight years.

Maintaining a Gorgeous Appearance

Intense and drastic changes to one’s smile aren’t the only thing people are concerned with. Roughly 62% of those who answered survey questions said they were happy to spend money on smile maintenance, as well. This may include cleanings, teeth whitening, and replacement of restorations. It seems that while other aspects of appearance are considered fleeting (such as hair and legs) smiles are thought to be one part of the appearance which can remain attractive as time marches on.

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