The Quickest Option

The Six Month Smiles system consists of patented Lucid-lok clear brackets and Chameleon tooth-colored wires. Adolescents, teenagers, and especially adults appreciate the invisibility of this technique. To qualify as a candidate for this process, you will have to be in need of teeth straightening as opposed to looking to repair a misaligned bite. Because of the specific criteria, Six Month Smiles can be completed in a shorter time frame than traditional braces. Some patients mistakenly assume that shorter treatment time means that a higher force is used to straighten the teeth. The opposite is actually true. Since we are not be focused on repairing a bite issue with this system, gentler forces are used, so comfort is maximized.

A Force to be Reckoned With

You may want a little more explanation on just what we mean by force. When it comes to orthodontics, you may hear terms such as lower force, gentler force, harsher force, or higher force. Traditional metal braces utilize higher forces in order to straighten teeth and correct the bite at the same time. When we say “bite” we are referring to the way the upper and lower arches of your teeth fit together. When a patient’s bite is misaligned, the clinical term a dentist will use is malocclusion. Traditional braces call upon higher or harsher forces to repair malocclusion and straighten teeth. Six Month Smiles supplies maximum comfort during treatment by using lower or gentler force to focus on cosmetic issues.

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