You have probably watched friends and loved ones wearing braces throughout your life with the knowledge that the finished product will include a beautifully aligned smile. What you may not realize is that orthodontic treatment offers so much more than an improved bite. Have you been thinking about improving the alignment of your teeth? If so, consider three compelling reasons to move forward with orthodontic care.

We Offer More Than Metal Braces

Metal braces certainly have their place in orthodontic treatment, and may even offer you just what you need for your particular type of malocclusion – or poor bite. However, we also offer a variety of options less visible than traditional braces, including Invisalign or lingual braces that include brackets placed on the backs of your teeth.

Orthodontics May Protect Your Oral Health

Improving the alignment of your smile can do a lot for your oral health, including the following:

  • When your teeth fit together correctly, you may more easily avoid worn tooth surfaces or jaw pain. This is because your teeth will fit together comfortably, rather than hitting one another or causing you to adjust your jaw awkwardly to chew or close your mouth.
  • Aligning your teeth will allow you to practice better daily hygiene. For example, when your teeth overlap due to crowding, you may have difficulty cleaning all surfaces.
  • Closing spaces between teeth will prevent uncomfortable and hard-to-remove trapped food.

Treatment Does Not Take Long

Yes, there are times when treatment may take longer than the common eight to 12 months, which is quite efficient. Even if you surpass the year mark, a year or two in the scheme of your entire life is certainly just a blip and very worthwhile. You may save yourself time, effort, discomfort, and money in the future by choosing orthodontic treatment now.

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