. These simple cosmetic procedures can quickly and effectively improve the appearance of your smile.

What Constitutes A Minor Flaw?

Because cosmetic dentistry deals with the appearance of your smile, we consider a minor flaw a concern that only affects the way your smile looks. If damage or an unsightly concern affects your overall oral health, you are dealing with a more considerable flaw that may require restorative care. Typical minor dental issues we may treat with bonding and contouring may include small chips, cracks, a concentrated stain or two, small spaces between two teeth, poor tooth shape, or a tooth that appears a bit longer or shorter than the rest.

Why Bonding?

Bonding is considered an additive treatment that replaces or supplements tooth tissue to improve your smile’s appearance. This treatment relies on the use of composite, a synthetic material that we will color-match to your surrounding tooth. We will shape the material to create the appearance of the tooth or teeth you desire. For example, bonding may offer the following:

  • We may add composite between teeth to make it look as though your neighboring teeth are touching, thereby filling a gap
  • We may add the appearance of tissue onto a tooth that looks shorter than the rest
  • Bonding can camouflage small chips, cracks, or areas of discoloration

Why Contouring?

You may wish to think of contouring as the opposite of bonding. Rather than adding material, we will take it away. We will use a gentle polishing tool to carefully remove a minimal portion of your enamel – your tooth’s outermost layer. This treatment is comfortable and may provide the following:

  • Contouring will soften a jagged or extra-pointed tooth
  • We may use this to reduce the length of a tooth that appears slightly longer than the rest
  • Contouring may improve the appearance of slightly overlapping teeth without the need for orthodontics
  • This treatment can improve tooth texture


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