Do you ever attempt to hide your smile because you feel embarrassed by discolored teeth? Does a stained smile keep you from feeling confident at social events or in your workplace? Fortunately, teeth whitening provides a simple solution to a not-so-bright smile, while offering powerful results. Not sure you have a solid handle on this cosmetic procedure? Test your knowledge while determining whether this option offers you the improvement you desire for the smile of your dreams.

The Teeth Whitening Quiz: True or False?

  1. The whitening products at your local drugstore are usually just as effective as those we use in our office
  2. All forms of teeth whitening result in heightened tooth sensitivity
  3. The whitening process requires several hours in our office
  4. Most results include a dramatically brighter smile displaying teeth several shades whiter
  5. We prefer to perform teeth whitening on healthy teeth, rather than those in need of restorative care

Your Answer Key

  1. False. Most drugstore, over-the-counter (OTC) brands are available in universal formulations that are strong enough to address surface stains on your teeth; however, they cannot penetrate your enamel – or outermost dental tissue layer. We offer a formulation tailored to your needs, which protects your teeth while addressing both surface stains and those that occur deeper within your teeth.
  2. False. Newer professional teeth whitening technologies include a carefully crafted combination of ingredients. They offer powerful teeth whitening, while protecting your teeth from damage and sensitivity.
  3. False. We offer schedule-friendly solutions. If you visit us for in-office treatment, your visit will require approximately one to just under two hours of your time. Or, if you choose take-home trays for home whitening, you will simply whiten your teeth while you sleep.
  4. True. By allowing our team to whiten your teeth, you can expect professional-level results, which often includes a smile that is significantly brighter than when you first walked through our doors.
  5. True. Before providing cosmetic improvements, our first priority is always to restore the health of your teeth and gums for the most successful outcome.


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