Your loud snoring may often cause you to become the subject of jokes. However, when excessive snoring is the symptom of sleep apnea, the reality is no laughing matter. If you have been diagnosed with or think you may suffer from this problem, we encourage you to consider the wide variety of ways symptoms may negatively affect your life. Fortunately, when you are ready, we offer effective treatment that can restore your nightly sleep and daily comfort so you can kiss those frustrating side effects goodbye.

Your Significant Other Is Suffering, Too

The main episode that occurs as a result of sleep apnea is as follows: Your throat tissues collapse, which causes your brain to become deprived of oxygen. Your brain then signals you to wake up and breathe. You wake, gasping for air, and quickly fall back to sleep. In the morning, you may not remember any of it. Your significant other is likely waking up, too, and may or may not remember the disturbance. What you will both share, however, is a full spectrum of daily discomfort that accompanies sleep loss, such as exhaustion.

You Have Trouble Getting Through the Day

When you fail to get adequate sleep, your body is missing out on its ability to rest and restore itself. You will likely wake up feeling exhausted and then fatigued throughout the day. And because this happens night after night, you will likely also experience difficulty concentrating on daily tasks, which can have a negative effect on classes that you take or your career. By agreeing to our noninvasive sleep apnea treatment, you can expect improved sleep and energetic days.

You’ve Become a Sourpuss

Nobody likes feeling exhausted. Nobody likes an irritable, exhausted person either. You may find that your once sunny – or at least somewhat enjoyable – disposition begins to become quite stormy. Dealing with sleep deprivation can cause people to become moody, which will color the way you interact with everyone in your life. This may also simply make you feel unhappy and frustrated. Fortunately, by improving your rest with treatment, you can improve your daily mood much to the appreciation of those around you.


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