Are your teeth a bit rough around the edges? Do you find yourself feeling unhappy with the appearance of your overall smile line as a result of a too-long tooth or general lack of symmetry? Whatever the cause, if you require assistance with the contour – or outline – of your teeth, you may wish to consider tooth contouring to reshape your smile. Not quite sure what this treatment has to offer? Consider some frequently asked questions and answers for a clearer look into the details of this cosmetic solution:

Frequently Asked Questions About Contouring

Question: Why would I need tooth contouring?

Answer: You may feel unhappy with the way your smile looks as a result of too much tooth tissue or tissue that could look better with gentle reshaping.

Question: What kind of reshaping does contouring achieve?

Answer: Tooth contouring addresses a variety of problems, including improving the appearance of a tooth that looks longer than the rest, creating an even tooth line for a uniform appearance, softening a jagged or pointed tooth, or improving the appearance of gently overlapping teeth without the need for braces.

Question: How does tooth contouring work?

Answer: We will use a polishing tool to gently remove a very small portion of your tooth’s outermost layer – called enamel. The goal of this cosmetic treatment is to achieve an even, consistent look to your smile.

Question: Is contouring comfortable?

Answer: Yes, this treatment is simple and comfortable. You will not need any anesthetic.

Question: Can contouring improve the surface texture of my teeth?

Answer: Yes, if your teeth display a pitted texture, for instance, we may be able to soften and smooth the outer layer of your teeth as long as the damage does not place your oral health at risk. In some cases, this type of concern may require restorative care or more advanced cosmetic treatment like porcelain veneers.


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