Have you been diagnosed with a cavity? If so, you may feel the desire to avoid treatment because you assume it will feel uncomfortable or will leave your smile looking somewhat unattractive. Fortunately, we offer comfortable, beautiful composite fillings, so you can feel confident about the outcome of your dental filling. Still have questions about this treatment? Look through the following questions and answers if you are ready to schedule an appointment but feel like you need to know a bit more about this restorative service:

Fillings Questions and Answers:

Question: Is it a white filling or a tooth-colored filling?

Answer: This treatment goes by many names, which also includes the term “composite filling.” This is because we use composite, a color-customizable material that we can match to your surrounding tooth shade. The result is a beautiful, undetectable finished product, so onlookers will not recognize that you ever had a cavity.

Question: Are composite fillings safe for everyone?

Answer: Yes. Unlike amalgam, which is unsafe for pregnant women and individuals allergic to metal, white fillings are safe for nearly everyone.

Question: Will I experience sensitivity like with metal fillings?

Answer: Unlike metal, composite does not conduct cold or heat. This means that you will not need to worry about sensitivity related to consuming hot or cold foods or drinks.

Question: Are these types of fillings super delicate?

Answer: No. They bond directly to your tooth tissue, unlike metal. This means you can expect long-term wear with a reduced chance of leakage.

Question: Are there any other benefits to composite?

Answer. Yes. During a filling, we need to remove the decayed tissue from within the cavity. For metal fillings, we often need to remove substantial tooth tissue to make room. However, composite is moldable to any shape. This means we will need to remove less tooth tissue, thereby protecting its structure and length of life.


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