Have we determined that your tooth is suffering from a deep crack or a severe cavity? Or, perhaps your tooth is infected and you have visited us for relief. If your dental pulp – the tissue that lines the lowermost canals of your teeth, called roots –becomes open to invasion by bacteria, we will suggest root canal treatment to restore your oral health. We recognize that many patients feel unhappy with this solution, which is why we have collected answers to frequently asked questions. You will find that this restorative services is actually quite beneficial, comfortable, and will quickly lead you toward improved comfort and daily function:

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canals

Question: What is root canal treatment?

Answer: This is a service that removes infected pulp from your tooth. The pulp houses nerves and blood vessels. Once it becomes infected, we need to address it quickly to save the health of your tooth.

Question: Will you numb my tooth?

Answer: Yes. This treatment takes longer than a typical filling, but is just as comfortable. We will thoroughly numb the tooth and the entire surrounding area, so you will remain comfortable during your procedure.

Question: Can I wait to schedule my appointment?

Answer: The nature of a tooth infection creates great urgency. The infection will only continue to worsen, may abscess, and may even spread if you ignore it. We encourage you to schedule your visit as soon as possible, so we can quickly address the problem while preventing the need for further, more complex care.

Question: Will I still have a tooth when you are finished?

Answer: Yes. Your natural tooth will remain. However, because the structural integrity of the tooth may become compromised from the infection and treatment – and because it remains vulnerable to bacterial invasion – we will complete treatment with a beautiful dental crown. You will be able to return to daily function and enjoy your complete smile as a result.


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