Are you missing one tooth? All of your teeth? Somewhere in between? No matter how many teeth you have lost, your oral wellbeing is compromised. In fact, the longer you avoid teeth replacement, the more vulnerable you become a variety of potentially negative side effects that can damage the appearance, function, comfort, and long-term health of your smile. If you are missing any amount of teeth, we encourage you to consider the advantages of prosthodontics, and how this specialized field of dentistry may transform your life. For a better understanding of why we feel strongly about replacing teeth, consider the following:

About Prosthodontics

This field of dentistry focuses on completing your smile in the wake of tooth loss. Prosthodontics includes the use of prosthetic devices – or artificial teeth replacements – to restore your function and appearance. This solution also protects your smile. Our prosthodontist will examine your smile and will come up with a personalized care plan to replace your one missing tooth, two teeth, many missing teeth, a full arch of teeth, or even complete tooth loss.

The Prosthetics We Offer

We take prosthodontics seriously to ensure all of our patients receive the treatment they need to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive variety of choices, including: dental bridges (fixed prosthetics that replaces one tooth or up to three teeth in a row), partial dentures (removable prosthetics that replaces several missing teeth), full dentures (removable prosthetics that replaces a full arch of missing teeth), and dental implants (the only solution to replacing both your tooth’s roots and its visible portion for total rejuvenation).

Why You Need This Treatment

Patients often assume that one missing tooth is no big deal. However, whether you are missing one tooth, several, or all of your teeth, we encourage you to act with urgency to take advantage of prosthodontics. Look over the following problems that may occur, and which we may prevent:

  • Remaining natural teeth will migrate into the open space, resulting in misalignment
  • Food or debris may become caught in the open space, resulting in irritation and difficult daily hygiene
  • A missing tooth may promote jawbone deterioration – your roots that once stimulated your jaw to remain healthy and support its teeth will no longer be there to provide the signal for your jawbone to remain strong


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