You may have noticed that we are pretty diligent about getting you to schedule your next six-month visit. While you probably recognize how clean and comfortable your mouth feels after your cleaning, you may not realize why we encourage you to schedule your dental cleanings like clockwork. True, one of our main priorities is ensuring you feel wonderful about your smile and that your mouth feels comfortable. However, on a deeper level, we encourage consistent and on-time six-month cleanings to ensure your teeth avoid the development of oral problems that we can often prevent with professional plaque removal. Have some questions about all of this? Do yourself a favor and look over the following questions and answers for a clearer understanding of our preventive service:

Questions and Answers About Dental Cleanings

Question: Do I need to come in every six months if I take good care of my teeth?

Answer: Yes. This is the standard setup for scheduling appointments for patients with good oral health. For individuals who require restorative care or who suffer from gum disease, we may suggest more frequent visits.

Question: Why do you need to clean my teeth? I brush them every day.

Answer: Our professional instruments and techniques provide you with the thorough plaque removal you need and that you cannot achieve at home. Complete plaque removal is so important because this sticky substance adheres to your teeth every day and is filled with bacteria. By leaving it on your teeth, you place your smile at risk of developing cavities, which are most often caused by plaque. It may also lead to gum disease when left untreated.

Question: What will you do during the cleaning?

Answer: One of our highly skilled hygienists will first use special instruments to gently yet thoroughly remove plaque from the surfaces of your teeth. We will then ensure we remove final traces of plaque and leave your teeth feeling fresh and smooth by providing you with a comfortable polishing treatment.


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