What do you know about the art of tooth contouring and its ability to smooth and reshape your smile? Have you ever considered this cosmetic treatment but feel you just don’t know enough about what it has to offer – or how it may affect your teeth – so you hesitate to ask? We recognize that new treatments often sound overwhelming to patients, which is why we hope to clarify your understanding of this particularly helpful solution to minor smile imperfections. If the gentle smoothing or reduction of tooth tissue would bring your smile from “okay” to beautiful, we encourage you to consider the following advantages of contouring:

Advantage #1

Tooth contouring is simple and budget-friendly – you may select it for one tooth or several teeth.

Advantage #2

Contouring is comfortable, typically requiring no anesthetic, making it a wonderful option for nearly everyone. We will use a gentle polishing instrument to carefully buff away a minimal portion of your tooth’s outermost layer, known as enamel. This will improve the appearance of your teeth without compromising structural integrity or your oral health. Think of this treatment as a gentle, subtractive service that takes away small amounts of tissue for cosmetic improvement.

Advantage #3

We can improve the look of your smile with simple changes, including the following: We may address gently overlapping teeth for the appearance of teeth that lie more evenly side-by-side. This may allow you to achieve a straighter looking smile without braces, while enjoying less challenging daily hygiene. Contouring can smooth away rough edges, as well, such as a jagged tooth or a tooth that is quite pointed. Or we may simply improve the shape or length of your teeth for a more pleasing appearance and a symmetrical smile. For instance, we can reduce a tooth that looks longer than the rest, so your smile appears uniform and beautiful.


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